Magnificent Leadership® Executive Dinners Program

Select peers.

My expertise and insight.

Top challenges and best practices.

Maximum of 4 members at each dinner to allow for full discussion and time for each person.

Focused, individual guidance and coaching with me over 12 months.

Access to my suite of proprietary Magnificent Leadership® development tools and materials.

And great dinners on me.

We’ll meet 4 times over the course of the year – at luxury East Coast venues in Miami, New York, DC, and Raleigh — to discuss the most impactful business and leadership topics integral to your growth in 2020.  In this unique membership community, you’ll hear best practices and outside-the-box thinking.  Light on time and heavy on practical information you can implement immediately, Magnificent Leadership® Executive Dinners leverage the power of strategic thinking with the relaxation of learning with peers in a less formal setting.

For experienced senior leaders interested in generating outstanding results, gaining a competitive edge, and furthering their growth, professionally and personally.  To apply for membership:

Magnificent Leadership® Ascension – Private Leadership Guidance

For those leaders at, or approaching, their apex.

Ever wonder how some leaders at the top make it look easy?  They’re composed under tremendous pressure, respected, and have the influence necessary to lead high-stakes initiatives.  They’re at ease under the bright lights of visibility and responsibility.  They build teams that will follow them anywhere. They find the right words and take the right actions during difficult situations.  They’re confident talking to the front line or the Board and are comfortable in their own skin.  They have remarkable success in their industries.  And their ascension is often faster than their peers.

That’s not an accident.

The finest leaders know that if their company is growing, they need to grow with it.

MLA gives you access to the CEO and executive leadership tools that matter the most.

Introducing my premiere new executive offering for exceptional CEOs and senior leaders.

  • Concierge service with unrestricted, unlimited, direct access to me via text, phone, and email
  • Customized half day strategic leadership session to create a personalized leadership development plan. We’ll meet in NYC or on site at your office.
  • Magnificent Leadership® Inventory for leveraging your strengths
  • Priority access to my calendar
  • Monthly deep dive, proactive sessions for accelerating your learning and success
  • After-hours responsiveness to address time-sensitive matters of urgent priority
  • Confidential and discreet sounding board
  • Objective insight drawn from a broad range of clients and industries
  • Guaranteed invitation to my Magnificent Leadership® Executive Dinners progam, where you can discuss issues of greatest significance with select peers  in an informal, confidential setting
  • 10% discount on any of my other offerings

Because you need a secret weapon of sorts, someone whose sole objective is your success, someone who’s in your corner, knows your aspirations, and provides an experienced, outside perspective.

Due to the highly customized nature of this signature offering, I’m accepting 5 clients into the MLA program for 2020.  To discuss an invitation and schedule a mutually exploratory phone call:

Accelerated Elevation: Leading in a New Role

Your technical success got you noticed.  You’ve landed the new role.

The stakes are higher, though.  The initiatives bigger.

You’re more visible, across more audiences, too.

And the missteps – there are 3 that are most common – are more costly.

Do you have the right person to help you reduce the possibility for errors in this first, critical year and maximize every chance for success?

Announcing my exclusive new offering for senior executives entering elevated leadership roles.  For 12 months, we’ll work together with laser focus on the 5 crucial domains of elevated leadership success: Influence, Strategic Prioritization, Controlled Delegation™, Building a Self-Correcting Team™, and Leadership Presence.

  • Customized leadership development plan tailored to your new role
  • One year of individual, 1-1 executive leadership coaching as you navigate your year of firsts
  • Strategic, deep dive, 2 hour session on site at your office to launch and then again at mid-point to set direction and later, tweak if necessary
  • Sessions devoted to getting your team on point – including your EA — and you out of the weeds
  • Direct access to me for rapid responsiveness
  • Alignment with superior on goals and success measures
  • Up to 8 key stakeholder interviews for rapid input and learning
  • Magnificent Leadership® Elevation Inventory
  • Quarterly check-ins with superior to measure progress
  • Access to my proprietary materials on Building Self-Correcting Teams™
  • Access to my suite of materials on Magnificent Leadership® in a new role

You can drink from a firehose your first year or you can blow all success markers out of the water.

To inquire about working together:

Two New Resources Coming in 2020!

Announcing the re-launch of The Making Magnificence Project®, where I’ll be talking with leaders across different disciplines to hear their leadership journeys and how they navigate today.  We kick off with Glen Tullman, Founder and Chairman of Livongo Health.  Stay tuned!

Keep your eyes open for my new video series.  I’ll be coming to you with insights, quick tips, and best practices.  Drop me a note with your questions so I can be sure to include them:

And a New Keynote!

“Magnificent Leadership® in a New Role: Success Essentials”