Have you identified and deconstructed what went right last year so you can replicate the process that created created your success?

Crisis drove innovation for many of us, but constant iteration is part of exceptionalism and excellence.

Identify, deconstruct, and codify what went right in 2020.  Just how did you and your team and organization pivot and adjust and pull a rabbit out of a hat?

This is something worth bringing your senior leadership team together for in thorough discussion.  (I’m doing these Strategic Audits with clients right now.)

And it was a topic of discussion — in detail — at yesterday’s “Transforming Uncertainty into Metamorphosis” workshop, the 3rd in the Q1+ series.  Next and last workshop, “Legacy on Purpose,” is April 28th.  I’ve just opened 3 more seats.  First claimed, first reserved.

If you’d like a copy of the outline for yesterday’s program, email me: sarah@sarah-levitt.com

Are you properly and adequately prepared for success in 2021?