Sandy-colored hair.  Lean.  Topaz-brown eyes that were slightly asymmetrical.  A face full of character with a bit of bad boy mischief.
My kind of guy.
That he was blind didn’t deter me from wanting to know more.
As I looked at his photo, my friend filled me in: he was temporarily bunking with her as he got back on his feet, having recently been released from a local animal shelter to her care.  It was my donation, she said, a check written months earlier, that enabled her rescue organization to take in this particular dog.
Talk about engagement and motivation.  He was staring back at me from the picture on her phone.
As a CEO or senior business leader, are you taking every opportunity to draw a line between the work of your team members and their results?  Have you communicated, as specifically as possible, the real and direct impact of their efforts?
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