Is supposed to be the worst mile of a marathon.  Runners report hitting a wall, with very little physical reserve left.  Even though there are only 4.2 miles to go, a short distance for anyone who’s trained for such a race, those last miles are supposed to be quite difficult.  The most difficult.

The fuel, then, for finishing, is a combination of sheer determination to put one foot in front of the other and a desire for whatever meaning is derived from crossing the finish line.

I’ve never experienced Mile 22 in a marathon, but I know what it’s like to find myself there, metaphorically.  And I can tell you what happens when my clients find themselves there as leaders.  Whether it’s a key project that’s been fraught with unexpected challenges and delays, or a long-anticipated promotion that’s still anticipated, or the general wear and tear that comes from fighting multiple fires on multiple fronts as a CEO, fatigue has set in.

What to do if you find yourself at Mile 22?

  1. Acknowledge that you’re in a long, sustained race.  Frame it as a sprint, and you’ll likely become frustrated and demoralized.  Know that it’s a significant distance, and you can settle in.
  2. Fuel yourself for the long haul.  What activities and which people sustain you as a person?  Load up on those.
  3. Seek outside input.  When fatigued, get perspective from someone not where you are who can remind you of why you began the journey.

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