An elderly widow.  Several CEOs.  A writer.  Head of an avalanche mitigation team.  Government officials.

I spoke to many different kinds of leaders for The Making Magnificence Project® (new interviews coming soon, stay tuned!).  Despite their varied paths, they shared 8 key traits.  Factors that propelled them.  Below are 3:

  1. Passion Married to a High Tolerance for Uncertainty
    Being deeply passionate about what they were pursuing was crucial.  But the capacity for tolerating the discomfort of pursuing the path?  Essential.
  2. The Lens We Look Through: Framing and Re-Framing
    All of these leaders confronted loss, disappointment, and failure.  How they viewed their setbacks was far more important than being set back.  It was the ball game.
  3. Questing for Self-Mastery
    No matter how accomplished, all of these leaders were learners.  They kept showing up curious and wanting to improve.


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