Of the few newsletters that I subscribe to, two of them arrived this morning with similar messages about combating pandemic fatigue.

Which was exactly what I expressed to a friend yesterday.

For the first time since this all began, and despite the many benefits that I’ve been able to focus on and harvest, I am finally finding myself a little weary of this liminal state.

Among the tips in the newsletters, none caught my attention.

But one sparked an idea.  It suggested dressing extra beautifully every day even if no one will see it.  This held little appeal and sounded like effort I would like to spend elsewhere.

But then I remembered how much I’ve missed my shoes.

Whether it’s a painting hanging in a museum, or a forest full of trees, or a pair of Manolo Blahniks, I love beauty.

And while I’ve spent a lot of time among the trees this last year, I’ve spent none in my shoes.

And I miss the delight.

The sheer delight.

So my pandemic fatigue plan?

I’m wearing Manolos to meetings.

True, no one will see them.

But I can’t wait, even if it’s to walk down the hall and turn on my computer.

What will bring you a sprinkling of delight right now?