One idea, applied, can change your whole year.

As can one conversation, one interaction, one insight, one illumination.

The leaders that I work with understand this calculus.

And they invest in themselves accordingly.

The only program in my offerings that provides business and leadership interaction with peers is the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum.  Admittedly, it isn’t for everyone.  Some clients prefer to only work with me directly.  I understand this and know there is a tremendous benefit to that kind of focus, as well.

But if you are looking to leapfrog with the support of peers in a trusted environment while having me as a resource, then email me ( to put your name on the waitlist in case a seat opens for the Executive Forum’s LIVE Annual Event on October 5+6 in Raleigh, which has sold out.

And then contact me pronto to apply for Annual Membership in the Executive Forum.

Our new season begins on October 19th.

To read what members are saying about belonging to this unique business leadership group and to learn more about Annual Membership Privileges, go here.

And stay tuned for ways of working with me directly in Q4 and 2023.