I was sitting on a boat the night of July 4th
in damp clothes and a tired body.
Others on board were
enjoying the festivities.
All I could think about
was evacuating
to a hot shower and dry bed.
On land.
But I wasn’t going anywhere.
My ride back to solid ground
was in no hurry to leave.
I was stuck.
In limbo.
That state of suspension
where wanting to arrive,
to be on the other side,
is so powerful.
only left me frustrated.
And it didn’t change
my circumstance.
So I sat still.
And changed my focus.
What about this was perfect?
It was an opportunity.
To ask what I wanted.
And to listen for the answer.
(The next day found me under a tree, reading a book, and sipping an iced tea.)
What situation, person, or circumstance
has come to hold you
so that you can
what about this
is perfect?
And what do I want?

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