How do we lead into the future?

How will we tackle the challenges before us?  Where will we put our focus, time, and attention?

Who do we want to become?

These are important questions.

Crucial, really.

And yet it’s easy in the context and cacophony of an historic election, to forget that each of us leads every day, right where we are.  That we create powerful legacies, even if we never appear on a ballot.

The leaders in their fields that I’ve interviewed for The Making Magnificence Project® have all grappled with tumult, not knowing, and moving forward anyway.

They’ve all taken chaos and transformed it in to good.

They’ve all asked, “Who do I want to become?”

They’ve all aspired to make magnificence right where they are.

Some of their stories are available for listening here.  

And some, like Dan Michelson’s, you can read about in my book on Magnificent Leadership™ due out next year.  Dan is applying his focus, time, and attention to the challenges of healthcare.  His years in high school as a mediocre student and athlete were not predictive of a legacy that so far includes becoming CEO of Strata Decision Technology, qualifying 5 times (!) for the Boston Marathon, and starting a non-profit that’s dedicated to making the lives of children better.

If you want to know more about making magnificence right where you are, I’ll be speaking at the Ignite Leadership Summit in Banff, Canada on March 14 about just this topic. 

In the meantime: shine, shine, shine.