Said another way: Strategy vs Implementation.

Often, but not always, we might know what needs to be done.

But for any number of reasons – from mindset to prioritization to getting caught in the weeds – we may not do what we know.

You might know, for example, what needs to shift to better satisfy and retain your clients and customers but have maintained the status quo in your services.

You might know that the ever-growing rift between those two divisions needs to change, but despite the delivery deadlines that are lagging, it hasn’t.

You might know how to attract (and hang on to) top talent on your team but are not using the appropriate leadership behaviors, strategies, and tools.

That gap is the difference between theory and results.

And the leaders who close it accelerate their success and the results they’re responsible for.


You invest in, and optimize, your abilities through mentors, peer groups, coaching, and any other means by which you continue to learn and improve.

And implement.