I was keynoting this morning to CEOs and senior executives in Canada on, “Bringing the Outside In: Cultivating the Soil of Entrepreneurship in Your Organization.”

After sharing lots of practical, specific tools for how to foster speed and growth and encourage team members to ideate and generally hustle, I suggested that nourishing one’s own soil is an integral part of that system.

3 Keys:

  • Weekly strategic thinking time that does not get bumped off the calendar
  • Rejuvenation and a trusted and supportive space to show up real
  • Activities outside of work

For more on working with me directly to elevate your leadership performance and your team’s execution, you can reach me at:sarah@sarah-levitt.com

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!

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I’ve been delivering virtual keynotes this year at organizations like Floor & Décor, Caterpillar, and Deloitte and at conferences like the National Association of Corporate Treasurers and the Wells Fargo Retail Summit.

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