I’ve had more than one senior executive client tell me that HR is a pain in the rear.  (Except they used more explicit language.)

And I’ve had senior executive HR leaders as clients who are exceptional strategic partners to their business leaders and want my help in becoming even more so.

Why the disconnect?

When a business leader is griping about HR, they’re typically frustrated by the lack of partnership.  HR has become territorial rather than collaborative, become an obstacle rather than an ally.

This is a crucial distinction.

A great HR leader will do the following three things:

  • Understand the business objectives, propose and lead supporting strategic initiatives to achieve end results
  • Be a true partner, speak with knowledge, and present risks and alternatives that business leaders need to be aware of as they make key decisions
  • Support executives in choosing their own outside resources, adding them to the greater pool that all executives in the organization have access to later on

When HR relegates itself to being restrictive rather than trusted, business leaders don’t get the input they need, and HR makes itself less valuable, not more.

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