It was an honor to be on the other side of an interview when Celisa Steele of Tagoras interviewed me for the Leading Learning podcast.  (It was also a lot of fun.)  In our conversation, we talk about my book, Magnificent Leadership, and the line that connects leading and learning.  We also dive into self-leadership and leadership of others, not to mention several of the key factors for Magnificent Leadership® success.  And we touch on some of the extraordinary leadership stories that are featured in the book.

Celisa also asks me about my own journey and what I’ve learned along the way.

If you’re in the business of leading and learning (and who isn’t?), you’ll want to tune in.

Go here to listen.


After the book’s launch this week, Amazon is temporarily out of stock, but if you place your order, I’m told it will be available shortly.  You can go here to get your copy.


For more on Tagoras and their upcoming conference on leading and learning, there’s this from Celisa:

Learning • Technology • Design 2018 (, an extended virtual conference that Tagoras will host throughout February, promises to be a remarkable learning experience for people and organizations that market and sell lifelong learning, continuing education, and professional development and want to find better ways to engage learners and create lasting impact.

You can find out much more about Learning • Technology • Design 2018 at