Right now, your inbox is likely flooded with emails from vendors expressing a version of, “We’re here for you.”  Which really means, “Here’s an update about us!”

Those messages probably find their way to your trash.


During last night’s Magnificent Leadership® Executive Mastermind, I shared a trend that I’ve been noticing: At the same time that we’re experiencing information overload, we’re thirsting for more information.

It took me a little while to suss this out because I’m experiencing the same inundation that you are.

But when, all within a few days, a client asked me to speak to their clients at a signature virtual event, another asked about convening their team so we could do a strategic session, and yet another asked me to work with their deputy, it finally dawned on me: We are thirsty for the right information.

More is simply just more.

Unless it’s relevant.

Then it becomes helpful.

Are you dialing in to what’s critically important to your customers and clients?


Invitation to Senior Leaders: I am convening a special gathering of select senior executives for a virtual group cohort twice each month until September.  Normally, this would be a paid program, but I’m offering it at no charge for 6 months to lend support to leaders who are carrying such a heavy load right now.
For an invitation and to apply to the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Mastermind, write to me: sarah@sarah-levitt.com

Make the Shift Private Coaching Program.  A number of you are contacting me for private coaching, rather than through your organizations.  Recent inquiries include: preparing for promotion, taking a consulting practice to the next level of revenue, launching a consulting practice, and career transition.  I’ve heard you.  And I’ve created a 6 month program that will give you active coaching with me, including homework and pre-work to leverage your investment, as well as my proprietary assessments and inventories to accelerate your progress.  And I’ve made it very accessible.  For more information: sarah@sarah-levitt.com

90 Day Executive Coaching Program.  Now is the time to be proactive.  There are urgent fires caused by this disruption that demand your time and there are the strategic priorities that need your considered and considerable attention.  I’m offering this 3 month program for those who need immediate guidance and support steering though these tumultuous times, professionally and personally.  I’ll be providing best practices for leading through uncertainty and a confidential sounding board on your most critical strategic matters.  For more information: sarah@sarah-levitt.com  Limited slots.


Forge Rather Than Fold — Strategic Team Sessions

Are you building organizational resilience?  Your team may be unfocused and your world upside down.  And you likely don’t have a clear picture on how to move forward or where to focus your energies and attention.  This strategic session is designed to get the best thinking in the room, bring everyone together to craft a plan with responsibilities and accountabilities — along with mile markers and check-ins — so you can be ready to respond and adjust as changing circumstances require.  You want to be prepared and flexible.  At the same time.

We’ll convene you and your team for a 3 hour virtual strategic session and you’ll come out with a plan for these tumultuous times.

For those who want a jump start on the future.

To reserve a calendar date for May or June: sarah@sarah-levitt.com


Workshop Topics for Your Virtual Conferences and Events:

All Hands on Deck: Leadership Courage During Crisis and Volatility
How to forge ahead rather than follow during difficult times

Magnificent Leadership® – Keys to Success
Transform Uncertainty, Transcend Circumstance, and Claim the Future: Applying the 8 key factors

Retreat or Reinvent – The Choice is Ours
How to quickly pivot, meet changing circumstances, and create a responsive strategy

Bringing the Outside In: Cultivating the Soil of Entrepreneurship in Your Organization
How to foster speed, grow innovation, and encourage hustle

Magnificent Leadership®: Building Self-Correcting Teams™
Forget high performance and instead build a team that can function without you

For your virtual marquis corporate events and association conferences, you can reach me at: sarah@sarah-levitt.com  I’ve had the pleasure of presenting at signature events at: Oracle, BASF Corporation, Hewlett-Packard, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and The Association for Financial Professionals, among many others.