I like to say that no one cheers for my clients more than I do.  When someone has a success, something they’ve been stretching and striving toward, I always pause to name and celebrate it.

But then I very quickly move to deconstructing it.  What, exactly, did they do differently to achieve that outcome?  Every great leader that I know works at being a great leader.  They work at leading themselves, first.  They work at soliciting feedback on how they’re perceived, on their leadership brand.  They work at eliciting input from their team members to garner the best thinking for the biggest challenges.

They work at it.

And if they’re working with me, we’re pausing to examine the smaller components that make up an individual success.

Because without that knowledge, it’s much more difficult to replicate.

With it, my clients have a map of their own creation for how to get where they’re going.

Some of the questions I ask:

What were you thinking and/or telling yourself this time that might have been different?

What action did you take as a result?

What was the outcome of that action?

Those questions usually yield powerful answers for creating sustained behavior change and success, rather than a one-off win.


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