I was talking with a client today to help them prepare for an upcoming talk at a conference and thought I’d share some of the tips we discussed:

  • Know that you’ll be nervous the first 5 – 10 minutes and accept that rather than fight it; keep your focus on what you’re saying, not your nerves, and you’ll calm down
  • Wear clothing that you feel both confident and comfortable in that is appropriate to the setting and occasion
  • Know your audience, what is relevant to them, and what you want to convey
  • Prepare content, timing, and examples but be light on your feet and in the moment
  • Share stories. They stick.
  • Be aware that when we’re nervous we tend to talk faster. Slow down.
  • If a question comes to you that isn’t your expertise, pivot to what is
  • Know that research indicates that both fear and inspiration move people; choose which you want to transmit
  • Show up real. It’s less work than the other way and more effective.


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