As delivered this morning at the NC Bar Association.

First, know what it means to be a strategic asset:

  • You are a business partner oriented toward driving/supporting results
  • You understand the value of accelerating execution and efficiency
  • You reduce — rather than create – roadblocks
  • You provide options and alternatives for advancing critical initiatives
  • You anticipate opportunity in addition to risk


Next, know how to become a strategic asset: 7 Keys

  • Identify and Relationship Build with Key Stakeholders
  • Manage Up & Across with Acumen, Break Down Silos
  • Seek to Add Value and Understand Business Objectives
  • Cultivate and Grow Influence and Trust
  • Understand Your Greatest Value and Contribution
  • Create and Define Your Brand Around It
  • Build Your Confidence and Leadership; Continue to Stretch and Grow and Learn