Maybe it was the truffled frites from the night before, or the perfect fall day.  It could have been the easy tune I had playing on the Shuffle, but a recent run found me, most unusually, cranking out miles without much effort.

And that’s when it came to me.

For months, I’d been ping-ponging between yes and no.  Yes, to train for the Tobacco Road spring marathon.  No, it’s too much to do in too little time.  Yes.  No.


But as I cruised along the trail, the answer arrived, unbidden.  Yes.  No.


I could do half!

True, I’d already traversed that distance in 2009, and this wouldn’t be the dream of 26.2, but half felt like having a party instead of studying for an exam.  It felt like FUN.  And thinking about running the equivalent of a Boston Qualifying pace left me positively giddy.

Half looked a lot like joy.

Are you ping-ponging between two choices?  Is there a middle ground between A and Z?  Can you do half right now, in life or business, on your way to pushing glory?

Send me some good vibes for a 1:52 this spring, and I’ll send you some for doing half with joy.