A member of the Executive Forum reached out to me yesterday to tell me that they’d listened to the interview that Doug Satzman and I did for The Making Magnificence Project® on his experience of Innovate or Die as CEO of XpresSpa Group.  They found it so valuable that they’re sharing it with their entire team.  If you haven’t yet listened to these leadership interviews, they’re here.  And they’re cost-free.  You’ll find amazing, experienced leaders sharing their triumphs and challenges and learnings.  And stories.  There’s no spin, just leadership gold.  So go for a walk, put in your airpods (or if you’re me, earbuds), and tune in.  Your leadership and business won’t regret it.

The articles that I write for The Financial Manager can be found here and they cover a range of topics from how to build a Self-Correcting Team℠ to creating a strategy that works to choosing an executive coach.  And… they’re yours to download free of charge.

Two other downloads that you may want to consider: the Magnificent Leadership® Inventory (scroll down) which is designed to give you immediate feedback on your leadership so you can grow as your business grows, and a paper I wrote on Elevating Leadership Capacity in a New Role, which clients tell me really hits the mark when they’ve been promoted into a bigger role with greater responsibility and visibility.

Lastly, if you’re reading this, you’re likely a subscriber, and if you think someone else might benefit, don’t hesitate to share it with them.  It’s free, too.


If you’ve been wondering what it’s like to work together, there are two workshops coming up in January that will give you a taste of that experience:

2022 will be as brisk — and as complicated — as ever.  And your business needs your head above water.  If you are drowning, throw yourself a life preserver and register for The Quicksand Effect: How to Get Out Workshop on January 11 from 10-3, ET.  If you are continually pulled into the weeds and out of your strategic priorities, this is for you.  Go here to see all that is included and what you can expect.  This is similar to the kind of work I do with senior leadership teams, and I’ve distilled it into a one day workshop for you.   Virtual with prep work and 30 days coaching access to me to support your momentum.  Limited seating for maximum airtime. 3 seats remain.

Ready to create your legacy rather than have it assigned to you?  2022 has your name on it.  On January 6+7, I’m hosting the 2nd annual Legacy on Purpose℠ Private Virtual Conference.  Two half days.  Limited seating.  Live coaching.  And a clear roadmap for your leadership and life.  Go here to register and to learn what you can expect.