That’s how Clay Grubb, CEO of Grubb Properties, left me and members of the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum last evening as he joined us as our guest speaker to talk about lessons learned and wisdom earned as a business leader.

Driven by meaning and contribution and a true passion for moving the needle on essential housing in this country, Clay shared his thoughts on mitigating and anticipating business risk, (a pandemic and war the most concerning: check! ), how he assures diversity of thought in the organization and on his team, how running from hard problems is never the answer in business, and that, as he got ever more clear and focused on mission as CEO, the company was able to attract top talent that they wouldn’t have, resulting in a recent  99% employee satisfaction survey.

A reminder and testament, both, that mission and vision and leadership and business growth are not separate entities at all, but instead, inextricably linked.


Time is of the essence: Open enrollment for the Executive Forum ends this Saturday, April 30th.  To request an application to this unique learning ecosystem, go here or send me a note directly:  Members from Fortune 100 companies to SMBs, say it’s unlike any other peer group they’ve belonged to.