Last month I offered a cost-free, 90 minute webinar to clients and their guests on the critical issues that I see impacting them every day: “Trifecta: Strategic Leadership, Talent Retention, and Culture.”

It was a way for me to give back to my peeps, was by invitation only, and it wasn’t publicized.

Because it was so well-received, it’s become a keynote, which you can find here.

And because I’m seeing leaders really grapple with identifying their strategic priorities in the midst of an accelerated pace of business, I’ve decided to offer a webinar on that topic alone.

On Wednesday, April 27 at 10am, I’ll be delivering a 60 minute, deep-dive webinar on “Strategic Leadership: How to Identify and Deliver On Your Priorities” where I’ll share my framework, how to apply it to you specifically, and answer your questions.

It’s like a private coaching class with yours truly.

And… it’s cost-free.

To register, hit reply.  Simply let me know how many in your organization are attending, and we’ll get you registered.