Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal reports that Uber has filled its CFO job, a spot that had been vacant for 3 years.  The same article reports that Uber “still operates deep in the red.”[1]

If your organization doesn’t have at least a two-deep bench for its senior leadership team, you are taking the significant risk that nothing goes wrong.


You’re betting that no one on the SLT leaves for a position elsewhere.  Or gets promoted from within.  Or that there are no unanticipated business crises which would require a senior leader’s attention to be diverted from their main responsibilities.

Which is why, when I’m working with a senior leadership team, among the first things I look at is how strong their bench is and if it has layers.  In an ideal world, each member of the SLT has a strong deputy, someone who can assume their role and responsibilities.  And in an even more ideal world, the deputy has a deputy.

Because if unforeseen circumstances conspire, your bench strength is the difference between fumbling or smoothly executing.  And possibly, between red or black.

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[1] Bensinger, G. (2018, August 21). Uber Fills CFO Job, Vacant Since 2015 The Wall Street Journal Retrieved from