One of the trends I’m seeing — and expect to become more pronounced — is the role of culture in recruitment and retention of top talent.

Three significant inputs to culture that we’ve seen in the last year:

  • The flexibility and autonomy that was experienced during WFH will not soon be forgotten
  • DEI has come to the fore and has spurred important conversations and initiatives
  • Placing team members in stretch roles created opportunities for more rapid advancement

If you are not culturally literate in what matters most to your current and prospective team members, and confident that your organization walks its talk, there is no time to waste in becoming so.

It will make an ever-increasing difference in recruitment and retention.

Perhaps the difference.

New!  Strategic Audits

If you are not re-identifying and reassessing goals, performance culture and delivery, client satisfaction, and capacity for growth, you risk missing substantial opportunity from the current business momentum.

Half day strategic session, or two half days, advance consult with me, prep work for all.  Debrief between you and I afterward with recs going forward.  We tailor the topic(s) to your growth plans.

No room rez required, no off site coordination.  We Zoom and get down to business quickly.  You and your team are in and out in 3.5 hours for the half day.  And leave with an action plan for immediate implementation and execution.

Write to me to learn more about a custom session for your senior leadership team: