Going all in with our word, saying that we’re going to commit to something, can be intimidating.

What if we change our minds?  Want to iterate?  Discover that there’s something else calling?

At the beginning of this year, members of the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum made commitments for 2021, as did yours truly.  Some professional, some personal, some a combination.

I offered that commitments could change as the year unfolded, the important thing was claiming something now.

For ourselves.

If you have not yet made a commitment for this year, or you’re finding that you want to re-commit, or change it up altogether, a few suggestions:

  • Ask what you want to be different at the end of the year. What do you want to have changed, deepened, stayed true to, accomplished, or attempted?
  • Form a Commitment Club.  Really.  It only takes two.  Share your commitment with someone else, and give them context for its meaning and significance.  Set up regular check-ins and updates, once weekly or twice monthly.  If you both share commitments and updates, all the better, it becomes mutually reinforcing.  You might incorporate a longer, conversational check-in once a month or quarter to talk about where you are with your commitment – struggling, having some success, getting stuck, wanting to change it.
  • Think about how you think about your commitment. Rather than thinking of it as external to you, think of it as an extension of you, a way in which you regard yourself.
  • Identify some mile markers that will signal to you that you’re moving in the direction you intend.
  • Take it seriously and hold it lightly.
  • If you find that you’re not able to maintain a commitment to your commitment or you’re not bolstered by it, you may have chosen something you thought you ought to but wasn’t really calling. Or, you may have chosen something wonderfully aspirational, but it requires a more detailed map with concrete steps.  In either case, coaching input can be helpful

Like the start of a new year, spring is a time of new beginnings.  What better opportunity to make a commitment to yourself?

Ways to Work with Me in 2021:

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The 2021 Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum is a vibrant, trusted community for select senior executives.  In this learning ecosystem, members let down their guards, have real conversations, and get real answers.  Behind closed doors.  It’s also where exceptional leaders like Brad Wilson, CEO Emeritus of BCBS of NC, and Glen Tullman entrepreneur extraordinaire, drop by for intimate conversations on business and leadership.  Members are saying it’s unlike any other senior executive peer group they’ve attended.  To schedule a brief application interview to ensure that this program is the right fit for you, email me: sarah@sarah-levitt.com  *Note: The Annual Membership fee for the Forum is 10K before April 1.  After April 1, the fee increases to 15K.  Invest in yourself and flourish in 2021, pandemic be darned.

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