Last weekend I had the incredibly joyful experience of watching my best friend’s daughter perform in a dance competition in New York City.

It was a special time, one that we’d been planning for more than two years, and as I sat in the audience, eagerly awaiting her entrance on stage, I saw lots of different performances.  Although I know nothing about dance, something really struck me.

There is the dancer’s talent.  And there is its display, through choreography.

And those two things are distinct.

And inseparable.

The most talented dancer paired with a mediocre choreographer will find themselves obscured, not fully utilized.  Perhaps even restrained.

And the best choreographer can design a routine that illuminates, but cannot endow the dancer with either the gift of talent or the work of training.

The real dance, then, is between choreographer and dancer.

The choreographer discerns how and where to best use and showcase talent, always watchful of its evolution and growth.  And the dancer trusts that their abilities will be seen, nurtured, and given the opportunity to be displayed.


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