Three times in one week, CEOs reached out to discuss getting help with one of two issues: succession and/or team performance to prepare for 2023 and beyond.

Why the focus on the longer range strategic when there’s still so much volatility in the present?

My hunch: These leaders have acclimated to the churn and temperature of the waters in which they’ve found themselves for the last 2+ years and are no longer reacting to the shock but are, instead, swimming.

In other words they’re leading.

They’re not thinking in “post-pandemic” terms.

They’ve long ago focused on a new horizon, looking at the core strategic issues that will always have greatest business impact:

  • Who will ascend to run the organization and are they prepared to do so?
  • Are teams able to execute with precision and cohesion and deliver on key initiatives?
  • Is talent drawn to the organization and is it being leveraged to create competitive advantage in the marketplace? Is it being retained?
  • Are there substantial amounts of organizational resilience and inspiration to carry everyone and spur innovation, even when the waters are rough?
  • Is there growth and development of senior leaders in the organization – the “fulcrums” — who, with their success, will life many others?

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As these CEOs can attest, there is no time like the present to engineer the success of your future.