When we feel envy, we can do two things with it (once we’ve identified that’s what’s going on).

The first is to victimize ourselves (some version of poor me) while simultaneously tearing the other person down, usually silently (some version of why they don’t deserve what they have, and/or why we do, often accompanied by a criticism of who they are).

We think this will make us feel better.

And it does.  A little bit.  In the moment.

The alternative is to use envy for what it is: a really good signal that we want something, a fervently raised hand saying, “Me!  Me!  I want that!”

Then we can move toward our desire and take action.

The second option is a bit more work.

I know.  I once had a rush of envy so deep and so big that I had to sit down right where I was standing and ask myself what the heck was going on.  The object of my envy was a man I was dating and madly in love with.  (And you know that makes for a great relationship.)

Left to its own devices, envy isn’t very helpful.

It might even be corrosive.

Used as a question, it becomes a force for transformation.

I know that, too.

Because the moment I sat down was the moment I realized how very much I wanted to do this work.

And here I am.  And here you are.

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