That was the question that plagued me – relentlessly – when I was launching my consulting and coaching practice.  Or, more accurately: What if I Can’t?

What if I can’t do this again?

Build something from scratch to success?

After exiting the greenhouse business that my then-husband and I had built, and seriously exploring opening a bakery, I was going in a completely different direction.

It had been pulling all along, calling.

But I had only a vague sense of what it could be.

And not much of an idea of how to create it.

I wasn’t just trying to build a business.  Success?  Yes.  But with parameters.  I was no longer willing to work 16+ hour days, 7 days a week.  Crystal clear was that I wanted to do something that I loved and earn an abundant living, but I also wanted time for other things that fed me, like travel and running and more time spent with friends.  Leisure.

Taking this from vague notion to reality was a two part job.

The first – and perhaps the most important – was in my head.  I knew I had the capacity for work, but at the beginning I was spending a lot of time flailing, worried about whether I could make it.  After reaching out to a coaching colleague for help, I got my thinking adjusted and worked hard to keep it there.

The second was consistent action.  I like to say that business building requires not just hustle (it does) but hustle in the right direction.  Focusing our attention and energy in the right places matters.  A lot.

I was told that it would take 6 years to build a six-figure coaching practice.

I cut that time in half.

And that was the beginning.

(Bonus: I still have the most amazing recipes for lemon shortbread and espresso walnut chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cherry biscotti.)

If you are a consultant or coach or entrepreneur and want to take your side hustle to serious income, or you are ready for a serious launch, I’ve designed a 6 month business coaching program for you.  It’s called Indomitable℠, and it comes with targeted pre-work, my proprietary Indomitable Business Map℠ action plan, personalized homework, and business coaching directly with me.  This is not some templated, one-size-fits-all program.  This is tailored.  To you.  I’m only taking only 5 clients – max — for all of 2021 because my primary focus is on serving leaders.   But I love to see coaches and consultants who want to change the world also change their own income.

To schedule a conversation with me and explore if Indomitable℠ is the right fit for you, or to request the Indomitable℠ Business Coaching brochure, email me directly: