We might not immediately think of these two domains as relating to one another.

But when we take the risk of building or starting something – a company, a brand, a new role, an idea, as examples  – most of us will bump up against our fears.

And they might sound something like this:

Can I really do this?  What if I can’t (my personal favorite)?  What if I fail?  Who do I think I am to try this?  Do I really know what I’m doing?  What if I can’t deliver and I disappoint?  Will they think I’m worth it?  Will I be enough (capable, smart, fast, fill in the blank)?  What if I can’t replicate past success?  What if I can’t replicate last year’s success?

It’s not unusual that when we aim higher, our fears get louder.

Even for the most accomplished.

What I’ve found in my work with clients, through conversations for The Making Magnificence Project®, and my own lived experience, is that by accepting fear as a companion – rather than attempting to rid ourselves of it — we build the muscles for tolerating its discomfort.

And its presence.

And then we can forge ahead, anyway.

Being scared doesn’t mean that anything’s wrong.

It means that we think there’s something worth going after.

Which means that we’re brave.

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“Three of Eight” is my brand new talk on the 3 most critical factors of Magnificent Leadership® for leading right now, including the practical application for everyday challenges such as team morale, leading effectively from home, meeting deadlines and keeping standards high, and doing more than just reacting to problems and instead getting out in front to drive success.  Want to emerge in more than just fits and starts?
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By far the most popular topic that I’ve been invited to speak on to executive and general audiences alike for the last several months is, “Reconnecting with Resilience™: The 4 Key Investments for Leading through COVID and Beyond” at organizations like Floor & Décor, Caterpillar, Deloitte and conferences like the National Association of Corporate Treasurers, Wells Fargo Retail Summit and the North Carolina School of Banking.

For booking information, contact me: sarah@sarah levitt.com

More Webinar Topics for Your Virtual Conferences and Events:

New!  “Three of Eight: Applying Magnificent Leadership’s® Key Factors Right Now”
Want to emerge in more than fits and starts?  Practical leadership application for: boosting team morale and productivity during WFH, reducing organizational silos, meeting deadlines and keeping standards high, and driving momentum and success for the future

VIP Velvet Rope Offering: Customized Roundtable Discussion for Your Select Attendees
You choose whom to invite, we craft a signature offering that can only be found through you, and I bring unique content and lead a discussion among participants

Reconnecting with Resilience™: Leading through COVID and Beyond
The 4 key investments to make in yourself and your team to successfully navigate the future

Magnificent Leadership® – Keys to Leading through Uncertainty with Success
Transform Uncertainty, Transcend Circumstance, and Claim the Future: Applying the 8 key factors

Six Month Strategy – Planning During Uncertainty
How to create and execute a responsive strategy for uncertain and volatile times

Bringing the Outside In: Cultivating the Soil of Entrepreneurship in Your Organization
How to foster speed, grow innovation, and encourage hustle

Magnificent Leadership®: Building Self-Correcting Teams™
Forget high performance and instead build a team that can function without you

Programs and Offerings for Senior Executives:

Accelerated Elevation™: Executive Coaching for a New Role
Your technical success got you noticed.  You’ve landed the new role.  The stakes are higher, though.  The initiatives bigger.  You’re more visible, across more audiences, as well.  And the missteps – there are 3 that are most common – are more costly.

Do you have the right person to help you reduce the possibility for errors in this first, critical year and maximize every chance for success?  A trusted and strategic guide who knows the path forward?

For senior executives entering elevated leadership roles.  Laser focus on the 5 crucial domains of elevated leadership performance: Influence, Strategic Prioritization, Controlled Delegation™, Building a Self-Correcting Team™, and Leadership Presence.  Complete with a “deep dive” strategic kickoff session, key stakeholder interviews, the Magnificent Leadership® Elevation Inventory, and a customized leadership development plan tailored to your success in your new role.

You can drink from a firehose your first year or you can blow all success markers out of the water.

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Magnificent Leadership® Ascension – Private Leadership Guidance
Your leadership matters more than ever.  And you likely need a sounding board and an outside, strategic perspective more than ever.  During this crisis and beyond, there will be leaders who not only ascend in their own trajectory but rise to this difficult occasion and steer their organizations into the future with success.  And they are my clients.

Highly customized, concierge, signature offering.
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