Means building beyond high performance to a team that functions well in your absence.  What I’m seeing with clients is that with the very rapid pace of business today, having such a team is integral to a leader’s ability to focus on their strategic priorities and therefore, to their success.

The 3 key descriptors of a Self-Correcting Team℠:

Trusting and Cohesive: Accountable and Responsible, Right People/Right Roles (Including your Deputy), No Infighting or Divisiveness, General Goodwill, Aligned with Team Mission and Organizational Vision

Flexible: Adjusts, Pivots, Anticipates, Course-Corrects, Adapts, Responds, Rebounds Quickly, Able to Overcome Obstacles, Not Paralyzed by Indecision or Overwhelm

Empowered and Autonomous (With Oversight and Guidance): Develops Internal Best Practices; Experienced and Able to Make Good Decisions, Accurately Knows When to Ask for Your Help and Input; Clear Guardrails and Guidelines; Executes Seamlessly/Meets Deadlines

A few questions to consider:

  1. The team anticipates my needs as its leader. They’re generally staying one step ahead of me and are rarely caught off guard by my requests.  Yes ___ No ___
  2. Team members are motivated, connected to the impact of their work, and understand how it matters to the mission of the organization as a whole. Yes ___ No ___
  3. When meeting unanticipated obstacles, the team pivots quickly, surmounting the challenge. Yes ___ No ___
  4. I don’t often spend time double-checking my team’s work or being pulled in to fix things. Yes ___ No ___
  5. We are not all so buried under the daily demands of delivery that we haven’t been able to examine our current processes, root out inefficiencies, and grow our own internal best practices. Yes ___ No ___
  6. My team has the experience and expertise to deal with almost anything that comes their way. Yes ___ No ___
  7. I know what I need to delegate, and I have the right people on the team who can take it on. Yes ___ No ___


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