Vacationing at one of my favorite beaches last week, I was soaking up the sun, reading fiction, and enjoying perfect temperatures. (For tips on returning to work post-vacay, check out this article in Entrepreneur that I was interviewed for.) Introduced to the water as a little kid, I learned to swim in a pond where I couldn’t see the bottom, cut my ocean chops at Jones Beach where the waves seemed 10 feet tall, and later, crossed an Olympic-size pool to get my lifeguard certification during college. The water is a place that I’m at ease. I can handle myself.

And last week I got walloped. Diving through one rolling wave after another, I was having a ball until I popped up for air just in time to see a white curl about 2 feet from my face. And I knew what was about to happen. With no time to dive or duck, the rushing water somersaulted me, feet over head, toward shore. Eyes shut, ears pounding, and saline racing up my nose, I thought, “Up.” Just orient up.

By the time I surfaced, I was no worse for the wear, save a slightly scraped knee. So it was back in. But it got me thinking about how, despite all skill and preparation, sometimes a wave arrives that requires more than our expertise of the past. What then?

Is your organization smack in the middle of a wave that’s not business as usual? That’s asking more of you and your team than ever before? And are you nourishing an environment that’s conducive to innovation so that you can meet the challenge of what’s rolling toward you and find your way up?


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