At last night’s Executive Forum, we discussed 2021 commitments, and I asked about a fulcrum, something that makes everything else better.

5 months ago, I abandoned mine.

Instead of helping an injury heal, I slowly, incrementally, let running slip away.

Returning is full of obstacles.

Stretch before, ice afterward.  The dreaded PT.  Getting serious about barre for added strength.  Drive to run flat rather than head out the door to hills.

It means a real commitment.

And it may not work.  I may not return to running as I used to.

But letting it go is no longer an option.

I knew it this morning when I laced up.

Listening to Mary J. Blige & U2’s “One” at high volume, legs and lungs in unison, only solidified things.

As you look forward into 2021, is there something you yearn to return to?

Despite the effort, the obstacles, the no-guarantee-it-will-work?