A dear friend is visiting the City of Light and asked for a quick list of my favorite places.  I’m passing them along here because why can’t we all spend a few minutes in Paris on a Friday?

After visiting many of the top chocolate shops in the city and asking for the signature piece, there was one that won: The lime-filled, dark chocolate at Patrick Roger.

More food:

The croissant at Pierre Herme.  Not the Ispahan, for which he’s known, I didn’t try that one.  Just the regular, plain croissant.  Warning: you will never forget the taste of the butter or the perfect flakiness.

This little, tiny restaurant in the 6th served some of the best oysters I’ve ever had.  If you want to taste the sea, this is it.

For an outstanding pot of chocolat chaud, Laduree in the 6th is hard to beat.  The upstairs sitting room was a treat, as well.


If the Impressionists ring your bell, the 5th floor at the Musee D’Orsay is not to be missed.  The gang’s all here – Pissarro, Renoir, you name it – and the collection is just eye-popping.  5 hours wasn’t enough.

Some of Monet’s very large murals from Giverny reside at L’Orangerie, presented as panels that cover the walls.  A wondrous place to go and soak.

I can’t speak to the Louvre or the Picasso museums, but they’re probably not bad, either.


The windows in Sainte Chapelle.

The Eiffel Tower, particilarly at night.  Parisians reportedly are not as taken with their tower as we are, but seeing it all lit up is something I can’t forget.

Pont Neuf, day or night.


That’s the quick, off-the-top-of-my-head list.

Paris on a Friday.

And 5 people have already raised their hands for a leadership retreat in Montepulciano next fall.  Drop me a note if you’re want to go to Italy in 2022: sarah@sarah-levitt.com