It’s turned cold here in North Carolina.  We’ve gone from daytime temps nearing 60 degrees Fahrenheit to those topping out in the 30s. If you’ve heard me deliver my keynote on The Heart of Innovation, you know that I’m an outdoor runner.

Which means that today I heeded the invaluable tip that someone gave to me almost a decade ago: bundle up, with gloves.  If you start off cold, you’ll never get warm.  So, out I went, dressed to batten down the hatches of my own body’s energy and warmth.

At first, it was slow going.  I was running into the wind and my muscles were warming up.

By mile 2, I’d broken a sweat.

Mile 3 found me cruising along, more than toasty warm, logging the miles necessary to compete in a spring race.

And the gloves were off.

There are two reasons to batten down the hatches in business.  One is to provide a shield from the external, from the competition, or changing markets, or any other elements that might impede success.  But we know there’s no such shield.

The second reason is to make an organization draft proof, to create an environment where the most valuable resources of exemplary talent, creativity, and innovation remain inside, thereby providing the kindling to run in the cold and the wind.

The elements aren’t going anywhere.

Are you leading your organization to be at its competitive best and take off the gloves?

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