The wins?

We achievers and learners tend to be future-focused, looking toward what is next, toward the horizon.

Nothing wrong with that, a lot of good in that perspective.

But turning the telescope around every once in a while to see what’s behind us, to note the distance we’ve covered, can bolster us — and those around us — for the journey ahead.

A lot of good in that perspective, too.

Two Ways of Working Together this Spring:

Accelerated Elevation℠ Executive Coaching Program

Slingshot your success in that first, critical year.  Are you moving into an elevated leadership role or have you just landed in one and are drinking from a fire hose?  There are 6 domains that are integral to your success.  Shorten your learning curve and increase the speed at which you succeed.  My clients get promoted, increase their comp, lead larger initiatives, gain greater influence, improve their presence and visibility, and have giant wins.  Faster.  To inquire about how we can partner or to request my paper on successfully leading in a new, elevated leadership role, email me directly:

The Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum

What’s it like to have a trusted community of select peers and coaching access to me, simultaneously?  This is a vibrant learning ecosystem for senior executives, where members let down their guards, have real conversations, and get real answers.  Behind closed doors.  It’s designed to generate maximal learning and business growth.  It’s also where exceptional leaders like Brad Wilson, CEO Emeritus of BCBS of NC, and Glen Tullman, entrepreneur extraordinaire, drop by for intimate conversations on business growth and leadership.  Members are saying it’s unlike any other senior executive peer group they’ve attended.  To schedule a brief application interview conversation with me directly, email me:  2021 is a year for flourishing.  Surround yourself with others who are.  This is my most accessible offering with an Annual Membership of just 15K.  What are you waiting for?