Yesterday was my first run in almost two weeks.  During a particularly rainy period, I got of the groove.

I wish I could report, as some other runners have, that the rest did me good, that my legs had more spring in them, that I came back refreshed.

But the spring was gone after the first two miles, and I was sluggishly making my way over the next three.

Before that running respite, things had been going well.  I’d been logging a planned-upon, increased, consistent number of weekly miles for over two months.  But I didn’t think there was really all that much improvement.

Nothing substantial, I thought.

Sure, there were the telephone poll intervals that I’d been playing with at the end of every run, sprinting full out, over and over again, when my legs were tired.  There was the bit of speed I’d picked up, most noticeable when I’d climb the longest hill on the route.  And there was the ever-so-slight increase in endurance as I often squeezed out another mile at a run’s end.

But these seemed like small things.

Until they were all glaringly absent yesterday.

Consistency, I discovered, had quietly been building capacity.

And capacity transforms effort into efficiency, endurance, and speed.

Are you consistently practicing and executing on those key fundamentals that will build your capacity as a leader?   As a team?

More importantly, have you identified them?  Do you know what they are?


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