As someone who subscribes to my blog, I want to extend a personal invitation to you.

Seven months ago, when Crazy COVID turned things upside down, I witnessed that clients were carrying more weight than ever before.  I wondered if it would be beneficial for senior leaders to have a place to come together, and I floated the idea to some clients and select leaders.  Soon, there was a trusted cohort that’s been gathering twice monthly ever since: The Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum.

It turns out that being able to let down your guard and share challenges, talk about pivots and experiments, and learn with and from other talented, front-of-the-pack leaders, is critically helpful.  And important.  I’ve been told that it’s also enriching and sustaining in a year that has turned into something of an ultra marathon.

Although we’ve grown accustomed to this new era of leadership and business, there is still much to come.

And much to do.

The Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum is my most exciting and distinct new offering.

It’s about real conversations with real leaders.

Behind closed doors.

In January, I’m opening the 2nd cohort.  You are invited to attend a virtual information session hosted by yours truly, at 6pm ET on one of the following dates: October 26th or November 17th.   We’ll convene for 45 minutes, and I’ll share program details, application information, and answer your questions.

Email me directly to secure your seat and register:

The January cohort has limited seats.