No one employee is likely to be so important as to cause a huge glitch.

In most cases.


Are your processes smooth and seamless without impediment?  Is there friction between your sales team and R&D?  What about client service and delivery?  Is it exemplary?  Or are there pockets in your organization that suffer from the slow grind of underperformance?

How about your COO or CEO?  What if one couldn’t continue in their role?  Do you have a succession plan that isn’t sitting in a drawer but is living and breathing with a bench that’s being filled with the right talent?

And are you able to attract and retain the right talent?  So you can best your competition and get there first?

A shutdown is a crisis that most organizations won’t face.  But if your leadership team isn’t executing flawlessly on key strategic objectives like market share and revenue, you might be in danger of standing still.  And that’s a different kind of shutdown altogether.

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