My best friend sent me a video about a baby elephant struggling to survive.

Rejected by his herd and quite sick, the future for baby Ellie looked pretty grim.  Although the technicians at the African rhino orphanage where he’d been taken in were working around the clock to save him, they didn’t have much hope.  Even with the attention and care of hand-rearing, elephants usually don’t survive in these situations.  They’re social animals; they need community.

And then along came Duma, who walked over and made a special alliance with Ellie in the sandpit.

And what happened? Ellie started to turn the corner.

But Duma isn’t another elephant or one of the technicians from the orphanage.

He’s a dog, a German shepherd.

And it was his presence, his community of one, that helped Ellie.

Do you have a community of one?

Someone who really “gets” you, who will walk in to the sandpit with you?

And support you in aspiring to your life’s potential?

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For the second year in a row, I’ve been selected to speak at Dr. Alan Weiss’ annual conference for elite global consultants. This year I’ll be talking about Magnificent Consulting, illustrating key factors for success from The Making Magnificence Project™ and my own success as a consultant.

Also for the second year in a row, I’ve been asked to speak at MFM’s annual CFO summit in Ft. Lauderdale and will be giving a keynote on The Making Magnificence Project™: Keys for Successful Leadership.

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