• Put vehicles in place for information gathering (anonymous surveys come to mind, as one) from various levels throughout the organization
  • Review the feedback
  • Report back on what the organization is doing in response

All three are critical, but if the third is not executed, employees will lose confidence in the value of voicing their ideas and opinions.  And when we think our voice doesn’t matter, or isn’t taken into account, our morale and motivation is dampened.

The converse is also true.  When we feel heard, even if immediate change in all areas is not possible (and it likely isn’t), we feel it is worth contributing and that we have been considered.

It seems that many of you are keenly interested in “Legacy on Purpose” and want to attend with your team members.  I’ve gotten requests that exceed the intimate capacity I’d originally set for 5 participants.

I’d like to accommodate you, so I’m changing things up for this last workshop in the Magnificent Leadership® Q1+ Workshop Series.

If you wish to attend, email me by Monday, and we’ll make room: sarah@sarah-levitt.com

This is a free, content rich, hour-long program on April 28th at 10am ET where I’ll be sharing brand new IP:

  • How legacy is created either by us or for us
  • The keys to creating your own personal strategy for legacy
  • The 5 ingredients for Legacy on Purpose
  • Why legacy is fluid rather than fixed
  • How to live your legacy in the present
  • The impediments to satisfaction and meaning, a key aspect of legacy
  • How to get unstuck when you’re not sure of direction