That’s it.

2020 will be gone.

And if you’re thinking that can’t come soon enough, I get it.  It’s been a heck of a year, after all.

But 10 weeks is also a significant amount of time in which to make something different.

To change.

To try.

To experiment.

To begin.

10 weeks.

How do you want to use them?

And how do you want to arrive on January 1?

Special Invitation: The 2nd cohort of the Magnificent Leadership® Executive Forum begins in January.  You are invited to attend a virtual information session hosted by yours truly, at 6pm ET on November 17th.   We’ll convene for 45 minutes, and I’ll share program details, application information, and answer your questions.

Email me directly to secure your seat and register:

The January cohort has limited seats.